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How Do Online Slots Work? Learn this before playing

How does online slot games work?

As early as the inception of slot machine, it has been one of the most popular casino games among players. As a online casino player, most of us must be curious on one common thing: how does online slot games work? The thing that programmed to be showing the result of every spin of you is indeed responsible for all your smiling and frustrating every time you play them.

In this article, winslots.org will solve your question and help you to understand how online slot works. (If you want to learn more about how to win slots online, you should read this article.)


How does online slot works?

Table of contents

  1. Slot machines types

  2. Jackpots chances

  3. Random Number Generator (RNG)

  4. Internal control

  5. Is it possible to win on online slots?

  6. Do online slots have memory?

Slot Machines Types

The characteristics of all slots are generally the same. Still, there are some small differences. Generally, slot machines fall into two main categories: straight slot machines and progressive slot machines. The first is to give the player a certain amount of cash. The latter payment is usually linked to the number of coins wagered.

Beside the broad different as mentioned above, the features of a slot game included the number of reels, wagering limits, and number of paylines also can differentiate between types of online slot games.

Jackpots Chances

The big reward giving out from a life-changing jackpots could be the biggest motivation of most of the online slot players. However, the chances of hitting the jackpot of every single online slot games are totally different, based on various factors of each of them. Simply put, the number of reels is one of the factors to vary the chances of hitting jackpots. The higher the number of reels, the smaller the chances to hit a jackpot, but the reward will be relatively higher and more attractive!

Moreover, in most cases, the machines will have an integrated payout ratio. Typically, slots are programmed to pay (RTP rate) from 83% up to 98% of coins received over a long run.

One of the most popular online slot developer, Playtech developed some high RTP online slot like Great Blue slot (96.03%) and Captain's Treasure slot (97.06%).

Random Number Generator (RNG)

Recognizing how online slots operate will be much easier if you have a solid understanding of Random Number Generator (RNG). RNG can be considered a crucial part of every slot machine. In fact, RNG is the big brain of the game.

Now, this algorithm is not an unique invention for in the programming of slot machine. In fact, most of the computer simulations are often incorporating this technique. Additionally, the majority of video games also rely on either 32- or 64-bit RNG.

The RNG was designed by developers of slot machine software to guarantee randomness and fairness. Although the results of slot machines appear to be a random event to the human viewpoint, they are actually quite predictable, theoretically. Every program, even RNG-based slots, are actually follows a defined sequence that depends on a certain set of circumstances.

Online slots, on the other hand, randomly distribute different results, making it impossible to spot any patterns. Even for those with a lot of expertise, it is difficult. It distinguishes the casino sector from others.

Internal Control

The gaming industry would ideally attain the objective of completely unbiases and fair play if all the online slots as programmed by an unaltered RNG. However, there are some people who will always try to take advantage of players who are naive and inexperienced, which is the newbie online slot player.

In order to manage the casinos in their flock and ensure safe and regulated gambling, the sector has so introduced licenses. As a result, all regulated casinos must pass rigorous audits. The licensing processes are done by comparing the theoretical results to the casino’s actual results. During the audit, institutions primary focus on:

  • Comparison between theoretical and actual hold

  • Coin-in-meter functionality

  • Correctness of the coin in meter

  • Slot manager statistical reports

  • Variation investigations

If the casino fails to comply with the minimum requirements, it risks losing the given license. Some of the largest agencies that analyze and test virtual casino games are:

  • BMM Testlabs

  • SQS

  • GLI

  • iTech Labs

  • TST

  • NMi

  • eCOGRA

The majority of online casino operators who strive to offer a risk-free and secure gambling environment test their games with the aforementioned organisations. On their official websites, online casinos display these credentials along with a link to the relevant auditory organisation.

Is it possible to win on online slots?

No amount of skill will give you the advantage when it comes to playing these fascinating casino games because online slot machines are known for just being fully randomized. However, there are some things you can do to increase your chances of winning and ultimately discover how to frequently get the jackpot on a slot machine. You have to select the best online casino and the best slot game with high RTP rate.

Do online slots have memory?

When the play button is pressed, the RNG randomly selects a winning or losing combination from among millions of available combinations. Slots don't get hot or cold - Slot machines have something in common with goldfish: they have no memory. Every spin is independent of the previous and/or following spins. Every spin is considered a brand-new spin, with an outcome of any possible symbol combination. Slot players are said to either win or lose; they never "maybe win" or "maybe lose," or never "almost win."

Slot machines often display a series of spins where players appear to be only one symbol away from a win, leading them to believe that they almost won falsely. Slot games do not work cyclically, and slot machine jackpots don't become due.

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